Talent Vibrates, Audience Resonates.
RTH believes in mastery, in exquisiteness in all its forms.

We believe in talent as a source of inspiration, it is THE experience creator.

We curate experiences for specific audiences offering an exceptional selection of talents with eclectic virtues and high vibrational reach for a collective resonance.

Through artistry and meaning, we propose and create, a unique energy for an audience avid on new forms of appreciation, exploration and celebration.

In this collective Resonance we search to unite through frequencies, creating a familiar yet ecstatic experience.

We have a cutting-edge selection of live musicians, ecstatic dance DJ’s, ambient & sound creators, and magnetic speakers, all offering information (be it in music or in word) we believe, and feel, is relevant to the times we are creating and the energies we are sharing. We travel around the world creating experiences that continue to explore the self further, with new interactions, in different settings, hearing different sounds… thus knitting frequencies and relationships. And this is all done in celebration.

We search the globe for frequencies that can be a canvas, spaces that resonate, and wills that help materialize ecstatic experiences.

Our passion is to put together, and curate information.